Friday, November 6, 2009

Vinegar and Vegenaise

This is a partial answer to someone questioning my use of Vegenaise (which has some vinegar).

First of all please understand I am a Seventh-Day Adventist.

It is not a question of whether vinegar is good for you, it is not good for you! All vinegars are the same. (Only tradition, folk lore, and natural medicine say apple cider vinegar is healthy.) So, why do I use it on occasion? Because I do not believe it to be a sin, or as harmful as other foods that could be put on my plate.

What about the quote about oil and vinegar in salad? Well, is it the oil or the vinegar or both that create the problem? You see so often we assume things based on tradition.

I believe health reform is progressive, I believe health is more than diet, and I believe we must strive for balance. So, because I am convicted that I can no longer be so strict for my families sake, it is not to say I advocate the use of vinegar as healthful. Merely that I don't believe it to be a sin to use on occasion. I hope this is clear.

Blessings on your journey!!!
Angela Poch

HERE is a bit more on the subject.

There are only 22 quotes on vinegar in the Ellen White data base and 18 of those refer to Jesus dying on the cross. So that leaves 4 - one on the salad quote mentioned above and two in regard to Ellen White’s personal struggle with cravings, and the one below.

"You say again, "They are not educated in regard to the injurious effects of meat eating and of using sugar and vinegar, tea and coffee. That is, they depend for their herb drink on tea from China and coffee from Java. These things are injurious and deleterious to the human system. Tea and coffee are stimulants and poisons, and their effects have been presented before them." {20MR 2.4}

In this quote above, Mrs. White is quoting another person. The person combines meat, sugar, vinegar, coffee and tea, but Mrs. White separates tea and coffee as poisons. They are not given the same weight. With only 4 quotes on the subject, I cannot be as worried about it as other items such as eating too much!

There are lots of quotes on condiments and vinegar is used in condiments - mustard, ketchup, pickles, relish, etc. BUT there is lots of SALT and spices too! So, the choice is up to you. How little or how much you want to do for your own health is up to you.

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Good response. Thanks for being so thorough!