Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chemicals in the Kitchen, Keeping it Clean!

If you're like me you wonder how to keep your kitchen clean without all the chemicals. What is safe, what isn't. How do we prevent bacteria and other germs from getting into our food?

Bleach, right! Isn't that the disinfectant for all disease and germs? Well, not exactly. We've been told by doctors, nurses, and health specialists to wipe with bleach. It's used in hospitals, labs, and restaurants. But guess what? It's not enough. Bleach MUST be in contact with the germ for about 10 minutes to kill it. So the bleach helps kill the germs in the cloth, but it is not disinfecting the counter unless the cloth is picking up every last germ. So what do you do? Pick up every last germ.

No, I'm not kidding. Microfiber cloths are a healthy solution, and the good ones have been shown to pick up 99.9% of all the germs PLUS have no germ transfer (to your hands or other counters).

Many of the hospitals in Norway are going to microfiber cloths (with silver in them). And get this, you don't have to use the bleach!! Hot water and soap will wash the germs down the drain!

So, stay health and clean with water! Isn't God good!!!!

PS: If you are working in a commercial environmental OBEY the law and use bleach or whatever solution they instruct you!!!

PPS: Not all microfiber cloths are created equal. The best in the market that have actually been scientifically studied are by Norwex, a Canadian company.

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Judy said...

I'm a Norwex Sales Consultant in Canada and love your endorsement of Norwex Microfiber. Obviously, I'm just a little biased, but I am a consultant because of these great products that I can whole-heartedly endorse for the reasons you mentioned and more. Judy Bergmann