Friday, January 23, 2009

Vegan Cooking School and Children's Health Course

Well I haven't posted in a while because I have to major projects on the go right now! The first one is the Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School, online cooking classes for vegans. Our students have received their first lesson and we will keep you posted on how they like it. We have ordered a new professional video camera and it should arrive for the next cooking class in February.

The second thing I've been working on is the Children's Health Course. This is more than just a book, its a course designed for children aged age 7 to 12 is sure to help home schoolers and vegetarians alike, from a creation perspective.

Being a homeschool mom myself, I found a lack of health materials for Christians and/or vegans for children. This book is good for those omnivores too! Go to:

God Bless until next time,
Angela Poch


blue said...

it's so important to teach your kids good nutrition, and you probably have a better chance of them learning it properly if home schooling. Check out the state of the school dinners in the uk:

You're lucky to have your kids away from that mess!

Dentist Costa Mesa said...

I agree too. Even though they are young, we should instill them the importance of consuming healthy food so that when they grow up, they won't have difficulty to eat healthy food.