Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year Food Resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

Do you know it's OK and even healthy to make New Year Resolutions? So, why does it make everyone groan? Probably because they get broken or forgotten all to often. But goals are important for healthy change.

Some tips to help you keep your goals.
1. Write them down.
2. Post them on the wall, fridge, etc.
3. Ask a friend to join you and track each others progress.
4. Prayer
5. Pick it up again if you forget or break them. Don't give up because you failed.

So here are a few "Food" Resolutions from our home.

1. Eat less sugar, especially commercial sweets (like candy).
2. Make sure we get enough iron (we don't eat a lot of beans in our home).
3. Enjoy cooking, don't treat it as a burden but as a blessing.
4. Get Jordan (your children) more involved in meal preparations.
5. Be more prepared before meal time, avoid the trap of quick foods because there is not enough time to cook.

From our house to yours!

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